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Air purifier

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air supply system

air supply system


Stable air supply system for controlled fresh air supply in sanitation and negative pressure areas.

Test setup:

air supply system

1: air supply system
2: air-tight room 1,5 x 1,5 x 2 m
3: negative pressure unit
4: hose
5: PVC pipe
6: measuring point static pressure
7: counter air
8: volume flow measuring device (thermal anemometer AIRFLOW TA430)

Test evaluation

1) Flow rate air supply system (m³/h), depending on the negative pressure (Pa) in the air-tight room (2).

air supply system

2) Impact of counter air (7) with an inflow velocity of 5.8 m/s, at an angle of 45°, measured at a distance of 1m.

Change of negative pressure in air-tight room (2)

baffle plate
baffle plate

size 1

from 20 Pa
to 16 Pa
from 20 Pa
to 29 Pa

size 2

from 20 Pa
to 17 Pa
from 20 Pa
to 36 Pa


3) Effectiveness of the air supply system at an positive pressure of 100 Pa in the air-tight area (2).

size 1: Flow rate < 6 m³/h
size 2: Flow rate < 7 m³/h

Size 1
Weight 7 kg
air supply system

Size 2
Weight 10 kg
air supply system