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Air purifier

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Air Supply Flaps

Air Supply Flaps

Air supply flaps with self-opening and self-closing flaps. When the negative pressure unit is switched-on, the flaps open even at a low volume flow. If the negative pressure is decreasing, the flaps will close automatically.
An optional pre-filter bracket set allows the air supply flaps to be combined with standard pre-filters.

Technical data:
- Plastic flaps exterior weather-resistant (UV-stable)
- Applicable in temperature range of -30 °C to +70 °C
- 4 standard sizes


Article no.

Article no. pre-filter bracket set

610 x 910 mm BO6716 BO6711
610 x 610 mm BO6715 BO6710
305 x 610 mm BO6714 BO6709
305 x 305 mm BO6713 BO6708


Zuluftklappe                   Zuluftklappe

Photos show air supply flaps with optional pre-filter and pre-filter bracket set