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Negative Pressure Control SRE


SRE is an electronic control for the negative pressure units. The SRE control is permanently collecting the current pressure in the working area via a measuring tube and is self-regulating according to the given data in order to constantly observe the requested negative pressure.

Manual operation:
In manual operation the ventilator capacity is indicated by the „+“ and „-“ Buttons. The display shows the performance value in „%“ and the measured negative pressure value.

Automatic operation:
In automatic operation the set point value in Pascal is indicated by the „+“ and „-“ (Display set point value in automatic operation). By comparing the entered value and the constantly measured current value (Display „1“) the rotational speed of the fan is automatically adapted, i.a. the fan is running automatically „up“ or „down“. A necessary filter change is indicated by the LED „Filter“.

In case of a power failure, the control system will maintain the last entered values and will automatically activate the device after the trouble-shooting.