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Dust protection wall PLAN with loop foil

Dust protection wall PLAN with loop foil

The dust protection wall PLAN prevents the dispersion of dust in new buildings, conversions and restructurings.
The self-locking telescopic poles are just pulled through the loops of the sheet and tensed between floor and ceiling. An integrated compensation spring maintains the tensioning force and assumes the optimal stability of the system.
The excess sheet fringes can be cut off or can be used as sealing and dust gathering in the floor area. The reusable and easy to assemble system can be build in any corner, is time saving and assures you the advantages of a dust free work area.

Dust protection wall

Dust protection wall


Technical data:

Entire system (Protective foil, curtain door, telescopic poles, woven tape, scissors, cutter knife) PLAN 4000 PLAN 6000

PLAN 8000

For room heights 1100 - 3000 mm
Sheet height 4000 mm
Sheet width 4000 mm 6000 mm 8000 mm
Number of telescopic poles 4 6 8


Further accessory:
- • Transport bag for dust protection system