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Adhesive spray

Adhesive spray

The gluten from the spray can is, clean, quick and easy to use. It combines lightweight materials with and among each other.
The spray can is equipped with an adjustable valve for a lot, medium or low-emitting adhesive. This always ensures the correct dosage. In addition, the spray head can be set to either vertical or horizontal adhesive outlet.



Instructions for use:
The adhesive surfaces must be free of grease, dry and clean. Spray at a distance of about 15-30 cm and assemble immediately the adhesive surfaces using a strong pressure. In case of non-porous materials, apply the gluten on both sides and allow to dry about 15 minutes, then compress the adhesive surfaces with firm pressure. The waiting time (1-15 minutes, depending on surface texture and temperature) is completed when the adhesive layer recover no more threads from the touching with the finger.