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System for the sampling of asbestos Safestrip





The Safestrip System for asbestos samplings is effective, economical and simple to use. A sampling with Safestrip System reduces the release of fibres to an absolute minimum.

Method of use:
Pressurise the vessel containing Astrip ® concentrate, a condenser holding the fibres together (to about 0,2 bar). Place a Polythene disc over the surface to be injected and push the injection needle into the lagging. Press the trigger and lock into the open position. After 2-3 minutes the area is sufficiently wet to take the sample. The sampling tube can be pushed into the lagging with the help of the T-bar. Next, the sampling is capped, double bagged and sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Sample Taking Has Never Been Easier!

The Bulk Sampling Kit contains everything you need for a safe an effective sampling of friable materials:


  • Light, hardwearing case
  • Spray vessel of 5 Litres
  • 2 x 1 Liter Astrip ® Concentrate
  • Needle guard and injection needles
  • Replacement injection needles
  • 60 Polythene-discs
  • 60 stainless steel sampling tubes
  • 5 replacement caps
  • 2 T-bars
  • 120 self-sealing bags