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Residual fiber bonding agent (CEMBLOK BASE concentrate)

Residual fibre bonding agent Hawetol

The residual fiber binding agent (CEMBLOK BASE concentrate) is a certified product. It is used after the removal of asbestos coatings. It binds residual fibers and prevents further atmospheric pollution.

The residual fibre bonding agent (CEMBLOK BASE concentrate) is easy to handle and non-inflammable. The thin consistence allows a wetting of rough surfaces and a penetration in fine cracks and fissures. The excellent adhesive force on the different backgrounds allows an universal use. After drying an elastic, chemical, neutral coat arises. The residual fibre bonding agent (CEMBLOK BASE concentrate) may be painted over by many other coating materials and is therefore applicable in the building of coating systems.

Product data:

An amount of approx. 200 g/m² is sufficient on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces for a fibre-binding coating. In the case of vertical surfaces, a multiple application may be necessary in order to achieve a perfect fibre bond, especially in the case of strongly absorbent substrates.

25 L / 26 kg Plastic container

Storage temperature +5°C to +40°C, storage time approx. 12 months in original container

The product is ready for use and can be used up to max. 100% diluted with water. Before processing, stir the residual fibre binder (CEMBLOK BASE concentrate) well. The areas to be treated are to be coated twice crosswise with an airless sprayed layer. Please observe a drying time between the single layers, this prevents damages to the following layer. After drying the residual fibre bonding agent (CEMBLOK BASE concentrate) is no longer re-emulsifiable. A succeeding layer with other water soluble substances may only be applied after the complete drying of the AV-layer.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
As long as the residual fibre bonding agent (CEMBLOK BASE concentrate) has not dried entirely, the paint might be taken off with water. Later this is only possible by mechanical means. Please clean tools with warm water immediately after use.

Health and Safety:
Observe the general safety regulations when handling chemicals.
Respiratory protection: not necessary
Eye protection: not necessary
Hand protection: not necessary
Skin protection: not necessary