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Personnel Lock System ECO-Line

Personnel Lock System ECO-Line

Personnel Lock System ECO-Line


Method of use:
The personnel lock system Quick-Dush ECO-LINE is designed as an interspace between the dirty and the clean area. The modular system is adjustable to cover all sorts of requirements. The water preparation and the waste water filtering installation is provided with the water treatment unit Storage Water Heater or Flow Heater.
Any number of chambers can be connected without using tools. The structural stability of the floor- and roof elements is reached with corner profiles made of aluminium.
The sidewalls and door elements are made of recycled material and can be recycled again.
The lock system is equipped with a transport box for the transport and storage.


Technical data:

Model 750 Model 900

Measurements per chamber, inside (L x W x H)

730 x 730 x 1965 mm 880 x 880 x 1965

Measurements per chamber, outside ( L x W x H)

750 x 750 x 2000 mm 900 x 900 x 2000

Weight 3 chambers lock

150 kg 161 kg

Weight 5 chambers lock

236 kg 257 kg


- Door element with window
- Roof element transparent
- Resistant to heat and cold.
- Water connections system GEKA
- Clear and straight surfaces for easy cleaning
- Door element with ventilation
- Shower head


Floor element shower with full drainage (fake floor).

Floor element shower         

Floor element shower with elevated base. Removable mats for easy cleaning.

Floor element shower

Increased wall height up to 230mm.

Increased wall height

LED-lighting           LED-Beleuchtung

Coat hooks and mirror.

Coat hooks and mirror.

Shower mixer, mounted on roof element.

Shower mixer

Shower mixer, mounted on wall element.

Shower mixer