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Air purifier

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Laser Particle Counter

ParticleScan Lite


ParticleScan Lite


Short description:
This instrument is a hand-held, battery operated optical particle counter. It uses laser technology to measure particle concentrations (solid and liquid) in ambient air up to 0,0003 mm (0,3 µm) in diameter. The measuring result is clearly shown on a digital display. The data will be updated every six seconds as the instrument continuously measures the concentration of airborne particles.
Ideal for the air testing before inspections and for exhaust air tests of filter units.

Areas of emphasis of the Laser Particle Counter are:
Technical filter measurements
- Leak tests of HEPA filters
- Monitoring of filters in room ventilation systems
- Monitoring of release efficiency of indoor air cleaners
- Monitoring of dust retention capacity of vacuum cleaners
Room air and environmental measurements
- Monitoring of clean rooms
- Assessment of airborne dust concentration indoors


Technical Data: ParticleScan Lite
Detection limit 0,3 µm
Quantity measuring channels 1
Measruing channels (µm) 0,3
Flow volume 0,7075 l/min
Measurement duration 6 Sec, renewal every 6 Sec
Measurement shown as Particle per cubic foot or per liter
Remote access no
Data storage no
Measuring time per battery charge up to 4 hours
Rechargeable battery NIMH, charging time ca. 3 hours
Dimensions 10 x 19,5 x 5,5 cm
Weight 0,8 kg
Scope of delivery Transport case, isokinetic probe, purge filter, battery charger, instruction manual, calibration certificate