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Air purifier

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November 2019
deconta exhibits at the "LE SALON DES PROFESSIONNELS DE L'AMIANTE" fair in Paris

Paris 2019 Paris 2019

July 2019
Negative pressure device G 100 SE with wired remote control (special customer solution).

Kabelfernbedienung            Kabelfernbedienung

June 2019
BSS expert training of BG BAU at deconta


May 2019
new negative pressure units
green dec G 400
green dec G 500

G 400     G 500

February 2019
combi 50 / 100:
Combined negative pressure unit and water management


Combi 50 / 100

January 2019
deconta exhibits at the DCONex in Essen

DCONex 2019

September 2018
deconta is exhibiting at the "DEMCON 2018" expo in Stockholm

Stockholm  Messe Stockholm

September 2018
deconta is exhibiting at the "Contamination Expo Series 2018" expo in Birmingham

Messe Birmingham  Messe Birmingham

August 2018
new, foldable Dust-Protection Door
Winner of the 12th German Hazardous Material Protection Award Category "Technical Innovation"



September 2017
deconta exhibits at the "Contamination Expo Series 2017" fair in London

Messe London

September 2017
deconta exhibits at the "LE SALON DES PROFESSIONNELS DE L'AMIANTE" fair in Paris

Messe Paris  Messe Paris

April 2017
New negative pressure units
green dec G 50
green dec G 200
green dec G 300

G 50
G 50
G 200
G 200
G 300
G 300

March 2017
New foldable personnel lock



February 2017
deconta exhibits on the German mold fungus day in Neuss

Schimmelpilztag Neuss  Schimmelpilztag Neuss

February 2017
deconta exhibits at the DCONex in Essen

DCONex 2017  DCONex 2017

January 2017
deconta at the Asbestos Congress in Tokyo


October 2016
deconta develops a new, patented air supply system


October 2016
SRE+ control with RJ-45 connection, which connects several negative pressure units with the central control and monitoring station "dec control"

dec control  dec control

October 2016
deconta exhibits at the BSS Mold Convention in Heidelberg

Konvent  Konvent

October 2016
new negative pressure unit
green dec G 100
- energy saving
- high performance
- robust and durable
- light weight


G 100 SRE

September 2016
deconta exhibits at the forum asbestos of the assed association in Lausanne

assed   assed

August 2016
Model of a construction site set-up with the mobile lock system deco mobil C

deco mobil C  deco mobil C

June 2016
Visit our Expo in Perth from 20.06 - 22.06 at the Tradewinds Hotel in Fremantle.
deconta will be presenting Asbestos removal equipment, such as NPUs, Lock systems, Water managements, Measuring equipment, PPE and DOP testing equipment.
Feel welcome to get a feel for the deconta equipment and call Marcus Jarram for an appointment on 0434 408 789.

click here for hotel directions

June 2016
deconta pty ltd (Australia) was recently contacted by a very well-known training institute PICAC/CEPTEC in Melbourne Victoria. The school made an inquiry to purchase some of our state of the art Asbestos Removal Equipment for teaching and training purposes. Bob Hutton was my instructor at the school when I attended my Removal Course. The school has had the equipment now for roughly 2 months. I contacted the school recently and was able to ask a few questions to Mr Bob Hutton and also Mr Greg Tink.


June 2016
Some examples of deconta equipment on projects in Australia



Rental/Hire equipment now available at deconta Australia:
deconta is offering the following machines for Rental/Hire

D 4000
Mobile Decon Unit

Personnel Lock System
Personnel Lock System
C 50 L
Water Management Systems

D 610
Negative Pressure Unit


January 2016
deconta exhibits at DCONex in Essen

DCONex 2015 DCONex 2015

November 2015
Presentation by Dr. Kato at the Industiral Trade Fair on Asbestos in Tokyo


Click here to view the video directly on YouTube


October 2015
New options for Personnel Lock System ECO-LINE:

  • Floor element shower with full drainage
  • Increased chamber height
  • LED-lighting
  • Coat hooks and mirror
  • Shower mixer
  • Transport rack for 5-chamber version

Bodenelement Bodenelement Erhöhung
LED-Beleuchtung Garderobenhaken und Spiegel Mischarmatur

May 2015
New Line of Water managements: C-Line
- solid frame construction
- service water capacity of 25 - 200 Liter

For further information please see left column “Water treatment”


April 2015
Production and delivery of a laboratory bench according to customers specifications

Labortisch Labortisch

March 2015
Production and delivery of a specially- designed Lock system


January 2015
deconta-MKS-Floor grinding system for removal of asbestos containing adhesives on mineral surfaces.


November 2014
Delivered a Vibration and Suction cabin „Safety-Cabinet“ for cleaning of file folders to the District office Hamburg-North.


October 2014
The mobile and flexible Air Purifier R80 is being used at the University Hospital RWTH Aachen to remove unpleasant odours.


October 2014
Delivered a Special Lock System in Container design to the US-Air Base in Ramstein.


September 2014
The Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Aspimax 16 is being used for a low-emission removal of pollutant-containing coatings (Asbestos, PCB, etc) by Company OFTEC GMBH.

Aspimax 16

August 2013
Designed a Personnel Lock System with additional cold water connection (Regulation in France).

Dusche Dusche

July 2013
Designed a Mobile Decon Unit with a Negative Pressure Unit performing a 12-fold air-exchange in the showers (Regulation in France).

March 2013
Created Individual colouring of Mobile decon Units by using adhesive foil.

Deco Mobil Deco Mobil

April 2012
Manufactured and delivered a specially designed Lock System. Specialty: All components of halogen-free materials. Site: Nuclear power plant in Switzerland.