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Fog machine

Fog machine

The fog machine is a robust and compact device for the production of thick fog made out of a special fog fluid. The emission of fog of the fog machine amounts after a raise of temperature of approximately only 5 min., 90 m³/min. It serves to visualize the exchange of air in lock installations and sanitation areas, as well as for the control of confinements concerning their closeness.
The device consists of an on/off switch, a fog key button and a tank with a capacity of 1000 ml.

Technical data:
- Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
- Power consumption: approx. 700 W
- Fuse: T 4 A / 250 V
- Fog emission: 90 m³ / min
- Tank capacity: about 1 l
- Fluid consumption: 90 ml / min
- Heating time: about 5 min
- Reheating time: about 1-2 min
- Weight: 3,5 kg
- Measures: (L x W x H): about 325 x 235 x 230 mm