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Mobile dedusting unit ME 12

Mobile dedusting unit ME 12

Mobile dedusting unit ME 12

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A continuous climbing sensibility demands a change in one’s view on the dealing with dusty operations. deconta offers with his mobile dedusting system the technical solution.

Method of use:
The capture of dust immediately at the source avoids expensive disturbances and downtimes. (annoyed neighbours, authorities regulations) and protects the health of the employees. A qualitative dedusting allows the completion of parallel operations.
The mobile deconta-dedusting unit with regenerated filter system (automatic cleaning) is conceived for a universal use of dust engineering sanitation measures like for example façade cleaning, boiler cleaning, concrete sanitation, demolition and blast cleaning.

Way of use:
The dust sources are sucked off by the mobile dedusting unit through flexible hoses. The dust exuded in the filter system is collected in a dust bin. For the emptying of the bin, there are, depending on the need, different equipment versions.

Technical data:
- Length incl. drawbar: app: ca. 5300 mm
- Width: app. 2120 mm
- Height: app. 2010 mm
- Weight: app. 1350 kg
- Hose connection: 2 x NW 300 mm
- Air quantity: up to bis 12000 m³/h
- Electr. connection: 380V, 32A
- suction velocity: up to25 m/s
- folded, water repellent filter elements for the excretion of mineral, metal and other dry and humid fine and coarse dusts
- clean air concentration < 0,15 mg/m³ independently from the duct air concentration

- powder coated sheet metal casing
- galvanized tandem moving gear with overrunning brake
- automatic phase correction with smooth start Star connection / Delta connection
- pneumatic maintenance and pressure control unit
- Differential pressure detection for the filter control
- electronic control unit with various special functions
- Current connection 32 A (380 V)
- integrated compressor for the filter cleaning

- Towball coupling with authorised support charge of 75 kg