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Material lock system Quick-Dush

Material lock system Quick-Dush

Method of use:
The material lock system Quick-Dush is designed to transfer material between the dirty and the clean area as well as for the cleaning of the material.
The modular system is adjustable to cover all sorts of requirements (i.e. shape, size and equipment). A rolling door is optional.
The waste water filtering installation AS 300 (composed of waste water pump and 3-stage waste water filtering system with automatic filter control) is used to regulate the water treatment.

Technical data:
Measurements per chamber, inside:
- Model 2000: 2043 x 1005 x 2050 mm
- Model 1000: 1000 x 1000 x 2050 mm
Effective gap:
- Model 2000: 1700 x 1770 mm
- Model 1000: 655 x 1770 mm

- Floor tub and roof elements made of Aluminium
- Sidewalls made of HR-foam, washable plastics
- Rolling door elements with foamed Aluminium lamellas
- Roof and a sidewall with window
- A sidewall with hose connection
- shower