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Air purifier

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HEPA filter with aluminium frame


HEPA filter with aluminium frame


The HEPA filters of the filter class H13 are used in the supply, exhaust and recirculation filtration of ventilation systems with the highest requirements for clean air and sterility, such

Technical data:
- Frame: Aluminium (anodized)
- Filter media: Highly separating micro-glass fiber paper
- Sealing: Polyurethane, endless and homogeneously foamed
- Filter classification: H13 according to EN 1822:2009
- Filtration efficiency H 13: > 99,95% in MPPS leakproof checked (Most Penetrated Particle Size)
- Moisture resistance: 100% (relative humidity)
- Temperature resistance: 70 °C
- Grip protection: powder-coated expanded metal double-sided

Filter class Article number Fold depth
Filter surface
Flow rate at passed DOP- / DEHS test*
910x610x292 H 13 AU3720 175 42,4 23,64 6200
610x610x292 H 13 AU3721 175 28,0 16,17 5700
610x305x292 H 13 AU3722 175 13,3 10,07 3400
305x305x292 H 13 AU3723 175 6,3 6,59 1800

* Dop / DEHS test carried out by deconta. For more information on the procedure, click here.