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Duo-milling machine


Duo-milling machine


Method of use:
The Duo-milling cutter is a special tool for the removal of plasters, paints, residual glues, coatings and formworks joints.
It is used to clean concrete surfaces, to level stone walls, to flatten screed surfaces, to abrade flagstones before a new adhering and so on.
Replacement cutter heads are available for the most different applications.
The machine can only be employed for dry operations!
Grinding dust is dangerous to health!
Dusts of any kind have to be exhausted with an adequate and powerful vacuum cleaner adapted to the material.
Only the tools allowed by the producer can be employed.

Technical data:
- Line voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
- Power consumption: 1200 Watt
- Output: 700 Watt
- Revolution speed: 2400 U/min
- Weight: 5,1 kg
- Cutter head diameter: 150 mm
- Depth of milling: 0 – 5 mm
- Exhaust nozzle: 35 mm
- EMV according to EG-directives 89/336/EWG; EN 55014

Scope of delivery:
Transport box, handle, clamping set, operating tools, Cutter head is not included

Cutter head:
Adapted for:
- Paints, concrete, mineral coatings, residual glue
- Grinding of screed, concrete flagstones
- Plaster, concrete, residual glue
- Coatings, elastic paintworks