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Rotating vane anemometer

Rotating vane anemometer

Method of use:
The rotating vane anemometer is used to calculate the velocity and the volume flow rate of the air in different areas of engineering.
Adjustment of ventilator unit and air conditioning plant, hot air heating systems, control of power data on heat pumps, fans, clean rooms, fume hoods, control of currents of air in halls, corridors etc.
After a period of 3 seconds an average velocity over this period of time will be displayed.
The instrument is activated by a key.
Optimal average readings also in turbulent airstreams from 0,25 to 30 m/s thanks to a large-surface rotating van and a special microprocessor.

Technical data:
- Range 0,25 – 30 m/s
- Average time 3 seconds
- Accuracy ± 1 % of reading
- Batteries 1 pc 9 V battery for about 200 hours continuous life or about 50.000 measuring operations
- Dimensions 268 x 113 x 43 mm
- Weight app. 280 g
- Functional design for „one hand operation“
- The resolution of the display after the 2 point setting offers an optimal reading of the measured value