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Air purifier

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Mobile Decon Unit deco mobil C

deco mobil C 4000

The Mobile Decon Unit C is a multi -chamber system, enabling a step-by-step transition in the contaminated area as well as leaving the contaminated area safely, without carrying fibers out of the dirty area.
The air lock is put under negative pressure to avoid asbestos fibers leaving the working area. This might happen via an air exchange or by transfer of fibres, e.g. on work clothes.

Three basic sizes:

Power supply in two variations:

Basic configuration 3-chamber-version:

Frame construction aluminium, wall material with double-sided coating, chassis design steel galvanized, Single-axle chassis rubber mounted (ECO 3000), Tandem-chassis rubber mounted (C 4000 / C 5000), tire equipment 195 / 50 B 10, overrun brake and hand brake, ball head coupling, 2 extractable stairs, vehicle lighting pursuant ECE R48, power supply 13-pin (via Adapter optionally 7-in), heavy jockey wheel, inflator spray, wheel chocks, crank pillars, spirit-level for leveling the vehicle, floor drainage in all chambers

Clean room:
Central operation via smart touch Display, LED-lighting with motion detector, coat hooks, 230 V power plug, mirror, lockable storage compartments, lockable external door, anti-slip aluminium-flooring
LED-lighting, coat hooks, shower mixer, floor grids, soap tray, self-closing doors
Dirty room:
LED-lighting with motion detector, coat hooks, 230 V power plug, lockable external door, anti-slip aluminium-flooring
Utilities room:
LED-lighting with motion detector, feed of power and water, main switch, clean water and sewage water hoses, 2x Geka-coupling, power cable, instruction manual, Adapter 13 to 7 pin

Programmable smart touch Control

• Protecion programme against Legionella bacteria
• Alarm function (Option)
• GPS Tracking (Option)

Remote operation (Option)
• Status check
• Control
• GPS Tracking
• SMS-Notification

• Operation via Touch display
• Remote control (Option)
• Status check (Option)
• Antifreeze

Economic aspects
• Sensor control
• Work preparation

smart touch Control

smart touch Control


Profiles and new wall material with patent registration
Profiles Profiles Profiles

Diesel tank on drawbar Support centered Slide-in access stairs
Diesel tank on drawbar Support centered Slide-in access stairs


Communication module (Option)

Monitoring, control and GPS-tracking via mobile phone

Communication module Communication module Communication module


Summary of different options (not all available in each version)

Room layout (Examples)

ECO 3000 3-chambers
ECO 3000

C 4000 4-chambers
C 4000

C 5000 5-chambers
C 5000



  ECO 3000 C 4000 C 5000
Total dimension


Length A
4304 mm 5210 mm 5970 mm
Width B
1972 mm 2040 mm
Height C
2350 mm 2520 mm


Box body


Length X
2826 mm 3826 mm 4586 mm
Width Y
1524 mm 2018 mm
Height Z
2020 mm