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Air purifier

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Building dust suction dust master

Building dust suction dm 5500

Building dust suction dm 1100


Dust arises from a lot of works on site. Whereas the dust does not annoy during the new construction / shell, it is a weighty problem during the interior works and sanitation works in inhabited rooms.
The fine dust is evenly dispersed in the rooms, the separation of the working area or the covering of the furniture with foils is not sufficient: the fine dust penetrates in all slots.

The negative consequences are multiple:

The costs arisen out of this are not assumed by insurances and reduce so the planned benefit of a project.
With the building dust suction dust master of deconta you solve the fine dust problem simply and economically.

dust master is composed of a powerful ventilator and a filter on an aspiration hose. The filter is set near the working area, the outgoing air-pipe is leaded outside.
Thanks to a permanent aspiration, a steady air flow arises out of the working area to the outgoing air Coarse and middle particles are filtered out, fine particle are guided outside.
Because of the aspiration, a light negative pressure emerges, which avoids the dispersion in other rooms.

Technical data:
Two different sizes of devices for small or big sites:


dm 1100

dm 5000

Quantity of air with filter

1100 m³/h

5000 m³/h


230 V

230 V

Current connection

16 A

16 A

Motor power

0,55 kW

2,2 kW

Length, Width, Height

810 x 450 x 430 mm

1150 x 780 x 805 mm


app. 21 kg

app. 80 kg

Hose connection nominal value

150 mm

450 mm

Bag filter

305 x 305 mm

610 x 610 mm

Preliminary filter

305 x 305 mm

610 x 610 mm

Suitable for rooms up to

200 m³

1000 m³