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Air purifier

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Breathing air unit

Breathing air unit

The device is applied when the breathing air is contaminated by the working process itself, as for example during sandblasting, varnishing, paint production, in chemical industries, in plastics industries or working places where the air quality is impaired.

If the compressed air is centrally pre-purified and carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the compressed air do not exist, the apparatus with its two respectively three filter stages is used as an additional solution for purification application.

With a volume flow rate of nominal 60 m³/h (90 m³/h max.) the system can provide up to four persons with breathing air. The breathing air unit in the standard version includes a high-rate filter combination consisting of one sub-micro filter SMF and one activated carbon filter AKP. With higher impurity of the compressed air system a micro filter called MF can be installed as the third filter stage.

Condensate is discharged via a mechanical float-controlled drain and is collected in a condensate container fixed outside the casing. The Economizer which is integrated in the device determines the most efficient time for a filter exchange via a microprocessor controlled differential pressure gauge and reduces operating cost by 70 %. For particles and oil in the compressed air, this system reaches quality class 1. The integral pressure values regulator can regulate inlet pressure of 16 bar max.

Technical data:
- Capacity at 7 bar operating pressure, nominal: 60 m³/h
- Capacity at 7 bar operating pressure, maximal: 90 m³/h
- Connect: 4x 3/8"
- weight: 7 kg
- Filter element: (MF), SMF, AKP