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Air purifier

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Activated carbon filter AK-292

Activated carbon filter AK-292

Activated carbon

Description of the rechargeable activated carbon cell AK-292
The activated carbon cell AK-292 is used for the adsorption of gaseous contaminant and smells in the air. The complete filter cell is made out of steel and, for this reason with an almost unlimited lifetime. Drain openings on the side allow the refilling and emptying of the housing. The carbon chambers arranged in V-form allow a big carbon volume by a small pressure drop.
The rechargeable activated carbon cell AK-292 can be delivered in 4 standard housing measurements. By this way, according to the use, a replace or a combination with high efficiency submicron particulate airfilter is for example possible.

Technical data by a recharge with 4 mm shaped carbon






Nominal current

100 - 500 m³/h

250 - 1000 m³/h

500 - 2000 m³/h

650 - 2500 m³/h

Pressure difference

11 - 80 Pa

14 - 128 Pa

18 - 220 Pa

20 - 238 Pa

Contact time

0,53 - 0,11 s

0,42 - 0,11 s

0,46 - 0,11 s

0,52 - 0,14 s


15 l

30 l

64 l

96 l

AC-weight by a 4 mm granulation

6,75 kg

13,5 kg

32,0 kg

51,0 kg

AC-layer density

50 mm

50 mm

50 mm

50 mm

Housing material

Special steel

Special steel

Special steel

Special steel

Seal cellular rubber (One side Standard Two sides optional)

5 mm

5 mm

5 mm

5 mm

Smallest Shaped carbon granulation

3 mm

3 mm

3 mm

3 mm

General indications about activated carbon

The type of activated carbon and the quantity depends on the type of the contaminant the pollutant concentration and the desired airflow.
If the type of activated carbon is unknown, please give us the above-mentioned data. Together with a specialized laboratory we shall help you to choose.

We offer out of our large range of products also the ventilation system corresponding to the activated carbon cell AK-292 for buying or renting.